Best Woman Warm Legging For Winter

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The leggings are available in seven colors. Which includes sizes S, M, L and XL. I personally picked the XL and therefore the navy color, though they look black.The material is marked down as cotton, but it most likely has just few % of it, still largely polyester. There was no unpleasant smell that would be from plastic.  Buy now, click HERE.

Woman Velvet Warm Integrated Leggings Pants




Taking the warm woman leggings out of the box, I was happy for ordering the XL as a result of it absolutely was tiny, I did not think they might work. Thinner than my arm and very short. You have to tug them on specifically like pantyhose, slowly sliding through the fingers and one leg at a time. The material is nicely thick, underwear edges are not visible. Sadly the front and rear don’t seem to be shown and they look like you’ll wear them both ways that. I tried them on and it felt weird, therefore I thought i place them on backwards, but the other way felt the identical therefore it probably does not matter. Chinese girls most likely have thus skinny back sides that it will not matter.

The more you walk the less pulling you’re feeling, but there is another pleasantry. The leggings have tiny vertical rows that you do not feel while touching and cannot see, but you begin feeling them on inner thighs. When you walk they gently bit and that they feel like they are rubbing holes in. Thus they do not slide, but do a rougher motion. Can’t tell how long it can hold, and it doesn’t feel nice either. It helps once you wear other pants on prime and use these leggings as heat underwear. Then there is no rubbing, cause your regular pants feel simply fine on high of them. Actually I wouldn’t wear them out anyway, they’re so glossy and a bit too tight.

A massive and is that the high waist! Well slimming and warm, keeps the pants up from sliding down. There is a extremely soft inner layer which additionally feels nice against skin. The inner fur is the only factor that shows navy color on my order. From outside they give the impression of being ordinary, solely below a sensible lightweight some blue shines through. At the end of the leggings there’s a a bit of extra material that’s suppose to go beneath your heel, I wouldn’t recommend to use that, it can stretch and the threads can unfold.

I am happy with this warm legging woman. If you cannot decide a size, then associate with the bigger one. Nice stretchy and tight pants. Terribly warm for winter use. May even order a second pair.

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