Best Silk Pillowcase Benefit for Hair

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There are many silk product such area silk dress, silk legging, silk scarf, and now silk pillowcase.  Silk pillowcases fight signs of aging. Prevent wrinkles and frizzy hair with a silk pillowcase.  Sleeping on silk may also help slow visible signs of aging. These silk pillowcases will have you looking like a million bucks from sunrise to sunset.


Multi Effects of Silk Mulberry Pillowcase

  • Protect Skin
  • Control oil
  • Lock of water
  • Breathable soft
  • Stay aging
  • Multiple moist
  • Anti bacterial 


Slip Silk Pillowcase Why Silk?

There are five main areas of 

It can promote sleeping:  The silk sericin contains 18 kinds of amino acid which distributed to the minor elements is known as the “sleep factor”.  Its make the people’s mental stay more stable.  Using silk quit can promote sleeping and enhances vitality of human body, etc.

It has very good thermostatic and cold protection properties:  it keeps warm in winter and cold in summer, heat retention than leather, cotton even goose down.

It has anti mite, anti bacteria and anti allergy properties:  silk sericin can not only make human skin smooth but also prevents the growth of mites and mold, making it the best choice for skin allergies.

It has moisture resistance properties: silk contains protein called “pro-side chains of amino acids”,  the material can absorb moisture in the air and to be eliminated.  To be maintained silk quilts dry and comfortable, particularly curative for rheumatism patients. 

It has long fiber characteristics: silk is long fiber, so it is very difficult to generate dust and have on human respiratory health role, particularly curative for use in patients with respiratory diseases.


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Silk Pillowcase for Hair

Advantage Silk Pillowcase for Hair: 

Silk is called “Fiber Queen”, with its unique charm by the ages of the people of all ages. Silk, belong to protein fibers, silk fibroin contains 18 kinds of amino acids beneficial to human body, can help maintain the skin surface lipid membrane metabolism, it can keep the skin moist and smooth.

The best natural fibers. Whether Grossly silk or feel, are the world\’s best natural fibers. It meets all the aesthetic requirements: beautiful, elegant, smooth, delicate, sometimes mature, sometimes childish, both young women, the elderly, or children also are worth having a silk bedding. It gives you, and not only just visual enjoyment, but also a wholehearted comfort. Sometimes it is more like a work of art, with a silk-grade entire home environment will be significantly improved.

Anti-aging skin care. 100% high-quality silk fabrics, 18 kinds of amino acids and silk protein extract contained in the long-term nutritional supplements to the skin, the skin moist, smooth and elastic, full of healthy glow.

Antibacterial anti-mite, green and healthy. Silk is known as “the second human skin”, inhibit bacterial, anti-mite and mildew effect. It is the gospel of sensitive skin, suitable for all skin types of people to use. After using a silk, obviously found his little bit of red, acne gradually receded, then disappeared. Wash the silk bedding, especially for parents who like to sleep naked. That is the beauty SPA body!

“Shu sleep factor”. Silk released without obvious special flavor, can effectively improve the symptoms of insomnia, relieve work fatigue, sleep until he woke up and energetic.


Silk Care Instruction

  • Hand wash, or machine wash cold in delicate cycle, separately from other items.
  • Hang dry, or cold air machine dry.
  • Please do not expose silk under the strong sun.

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