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How to Silk Maintenance

(1) Washing separately, use neutral detergent,soaked in normal temperature water for 15-20 minutes, gently rub by hands wash,not use washing machines.

(2) Air Dry on a cool place, not wring, not isolated under the sun,ultraviolet makes pure silk fade.

(3) Iron when not completely dry (about 80%), medium iron ,on the opposite of clothing, do not spray water.

(4) Storage after completely dry,wrap it with cloth,put it in the cupboard,without camphor or health ball together.

(5) Keep color add a small amount of vinegar in the water when hand washing, silk color will be more bright.

(6) Restore color if when silk became light color, put it into clean wash rice water, change once a day, after three days, the color will better, if there are perspiration, use melon water to clean.

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